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Research Underway for FDA Approved Investigational Medication for Prostate Cancer

Men naturally produce the male hormone testosterone which stimulates the prostate cancer cells.  Constantly suppressing the testosterone can treat prostate cancer however this diminishes quality of life by causing loss of sexual interest, impotence, hot flashes, decreased mental ability, fatigue and even depression. In an effort to turn this around, patients are now being enrolled at Florida Urology Physicians to evaluate the role of a new method of suppressing cancer growth.

The study being conducted by Dr. Barry Blitz evaluates the role of an FDA investigational medicine that has been successfully treating prostate cancer to allow men to live years with fewer side effects than current therapies.

To qualify as a study participant, men must have been treated for prostate cancer and have a rising Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA).  Study participants can receive study related exams, lab tests, and study medications at no charge.  They are also compensated for their involvement.

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